Dynesti Williams

Dynesti Williams in­spires peo­ple to re­con­nect to their higher selves through bold and un­apolo­getic live per­for­mances, lyrics, videos, and sonic ex­pe­ri­ences. She is known as a fierce en­ter­tainer from Toronto ON, Canada with a contagious energy that can raise the vi­bra­tion of any space she performs in. Nick­named The Dyna for de­liv­er­ing en­ergy like food for the soul, Dynesti Williams in­vites you to feast on the bal­ance of unity and chaos through the fla­vor she describes as Rebellious Hip-Hop/​Soul with a "dash" of Reg­gae.

Being of half-Jamaican and half-Trinidadian heritage, Dynesti was constantly surrounded by Caribbean music. She began singing and songwriting at the age of eight performing reggae gospel in church. Growing up in a low-income community housing block in Toronto's west end, her experiences offered painfully beautiful inspiration for her art. As a child, Dynesti’s mother was diagnosed with depression, and her understanding of happiness was altered. Her mother’s condition motivated her to find joy in adding more entertainment, healing, and laughter to the world. This led her to fo­cus on men­tal health sta­bil­ity, raw honesty, and freedom as the foundations of her art.

“This world, and all of the peo­ple in it, are f**ked up, but they are beau­ti­ful. Everyone and every­thing is beau­ti­fully f**ked up. That con­trast is art. That art is what I make mu­sic about.”
- Dynesti Williams

This con­trast is em­bod­ied by her reg­gae-in­flu­enced jazzy singing, and tough-love rap flow. She has been com­pared to a dynamic range of artists from Missy Elliott to Lauryn Hill as she treats her songs like var­i­ous food dishes for her au­di­ence, val­i­dat­ing The Dyna.

Dynesti is currently partnering with DatGas Music Entertainment in N.Y.C. to release her first full-length project entitled, the Type Beat Mixtape. She will be riding your favorite artist’s wave all through the summer with the project dropping song by song, every Wednesday starting Wednesday July 4, 2018.

Dynesti's per­for­mance train­ing be­gan in church choirs and art school, and in­ten­si­fied through a mix of non-profit, and for-profit programs in Toronto. She rec­og­nizes move­ments such as SKETCH Work­ing Arts, UNITY Char­ity, Coali­tion Mu­sic, Reach­ing In­tel­li­gent Souls Every­where (R.I.S.E.) Edu­tain­ment, and City of Toronto as ini­tia­tives that have had a life-chang­ing im­pact on her de­vel­op­ment. In the fu­ture, she hopes to further empower tal­ented youth who are on the mar­gins.

PAST APPEARANCES: Headlining Ossfest (2018), Opening for OSHUN (NYC) (2018), the Breakin’ Convention (2017), New Skool Rules Festival (The Netherlands) (2017). POP Montreal Festival’s Rappeuses Chic (2016), TD Music Fridays (2016), Michie Mee’s On This Mic (2016), UNITY Fes­ti­val (2016), The Honey Jam Con­cert (2015), Man­i­festo Fes­ti­val (2015), and In­die Mu­sic Week (2014).

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