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Pressure (Prod. by Ante O'Connor of Abstract Learning MPF1)

Dynesti uses the pressure put on her from the industry to snap on her haters.


Dry Cry Too

“Dry Cry Too” is a smooth love letter from Dynesti to you.


U.D.K.M. Pt II

Dynesti drops something jazzy to rock to during your winter blues. "U Don't Know Me Part II" today by clicking below...


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60 Days Notice

Food for the hip-hop lyric-lovers. In this new dish, The Dyna (Dynesti Williams), is found making fun of the new wave of mumble rappers while dishing vicious bars. She makes it clear that she plans to demolish the low expectations that the industry often has of ladies in hip-hop. She did not show up to just be another female rapper, she showed up to be the master of the ceremony. Brought to you by Dat Gas Music Entertainment.

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Guaranteed High

Guaranteed High first emerged on The Balance (EP) in 2016 and quickly became the fan favorite on the project. This song has now be re-released as a single with an epic music video to match.

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Balcony (Lost It) Prod. By Timian x Frank Dukes

This is dedicated to all people suffering with mental health illnesses. "Balcony (Lost It)" is the first single off of Dynesti's soon-coming album entitled The Dyna. She considers the album to be sonic medicine provided as food for the soul, and due to good medicine being so inaccessible in our world, this album will be released for free once complete. Please follow @Dynesti & @TimianBeats to support their movement.

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The Balance

The Dyna is back dishin' that rebellious hip-hop/soul with a "dash" of reggae at it's finest.


1. Balcony (Lost It)

Dun Da Place (The Dyna Remix)

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New Skool Rules Athem

Dynesti teams up with 5 emerging artists from around the world to create the New Skool Rules 2017 Anthem. Catch her performing with them in May at the New Skool Rules Festival in The Netherlands. Available now for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc.

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1. Dun Da Place (The Dyna Remix)

Throwback - Timian ft Dynesti Williams

Dynesti teams up again with Timian on a Throwback funk vibe that you can mellow out to.

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Dun Da Place (Tzeraa Remix)

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1. Dun Da Place (Tzeraa Remix)

Dun Da Place

Dun Da Place is the tribal drum of freedom. In this song, the situations, labels, boxes, and beliefs placed on you can’t stop you. Your existence is super­natural brilliance. How could anyone else save you when you are only at war with yourself? To “dun da place” is to done the place. Finish it. Do something so well that no one can do it like you. We are all divine, so you will dun da place when you are dun shrink­ing.

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1. Dun Da Place

Welcome to the Dyna

Dynesti Williams welcomes us to her creative space—a space that she calls “The Dyna.” Serving powerful and unapologetic creative dishes, The Dyna has no menu. This young lady will be serving something different to your senses every time, and it will always raise your energy. With funky guitar and heavy bass as ingredients, Welcome To The Dyna is the introduction to Dynesti’s rebellious freedom served on a platter.

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1. Welcome to the Dyna

The Baptism EP

The breakthrough debut release of Toronto singer and emcee, Dynesti Williams. This EP takes you on journey into consciousness through hip-hop/soul.

1. Reconnect

2. Dreamer

3. Indigo Introduction Inderlude

4. Put Me Out

5. Arson

No One Like You

As Smooth Jazz Thera­py con­tinues to fol­low the ca­reer of funky flautist Jef Kearns, the good news is that his sophomore album is now well and truly in the works. The CD is rumored to include this all orig­inal (and extremely mel­lif­luous) slice of hip hop which fea­tures great vocals from Dynesti. Ti­tled ‘No One Like You’ its worth checking out.

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1. No One Like You

Free Tunes

Dynesti wasn’t always Miss “Dun Da Place”. We are all constantly growing. Enjoy her journey by downloading some of her old music for FREE!!

1. If I’ve Got One (Hater)

2. Caption

3. That’s That S***

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