Guaranteed High

Most people live in awe of the greatness they see in others. They are always looking for a guiding light outside of themselves instead of looking within. In this captivating sci-fi fantasy action visual, Dynesti challenges Connoisseurs at The Dyna to embrace the light within them and master it.

New Music Video "60 DAYS NOTICE" (Prod. by Timian)

Making her presence known, Dynesti visits the borough where hip-hop began in The Bronx, New York. This is dedicated to the times when lyrics mattered above all else in the culture. The first release in her new partnership with Dat Gas Music Entertainment, this video lets us know that we have a lot of dope Dyna dishes to look forward to in 2018!

New Music Video: Balcony (Lost It) (Prod. By Timian x Frank Dukes)

This is dedicated to all people suffering with mental health illnesses. "Balcony (Lost It)" is the first single off of Dynesti's soon-coming album entitled The Dyna. She considers the album to be sonic medicine provided as food for the soul, and due to good medicine being so inaccessible in our world, this album will be released for free once complete. Please follow @Dynesti & @TimianBeats to support their movement.

Free Download

"Throwback" Music Video - Timian Feat. Dynesti Williams

When you’re about your business, you learn to choose the people around you wisely. If they don’t really work for you, they’re not vital. This second single off Timian’s “Summer Funk Volume 1”. EP features smooth and slick vocals by Dynesti Williams, with Dr. Dre inspired production and a throwback-themed visual to match.

Available now on Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Dun The Place Live Performance!

After building buzz with this song over the last year, Dynesti Williams finally releases the “Dun Da Place” music video. This remix features background vocals from a live performance Dynesti did for a vibrant arts movement called Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere (R.I.S.E.) Edutainment. This way, she is able to take the energy, creativity, and support of her local community/village with her wherever she performs.

Guaranteed High (Live Performance Snippet)

The Balance EP drops in 2016. This footage is from Dynesti's Birthday Concert held at Coalition Lounge in Toronto on Jan 2nd, 2016. Stay locked for her upcoming single “Guaranteed High.”

Welcome to the Dyna

This video was made with no budget and no lighting, just the creativity of Dynesti and Timian + access to one dope location. This was done to show what we can do with next to nothing. The concept: The Dyna has no menu… she just serves creative dishes that raise energy.

Dun The Place

The amazing @Dynesti performing her single Dun The Place at the last R.I.S.E. Edutainment event of 2014! What an amazing way to end an amazing year!

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