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The Dyna album Part 1
“Say Grace”

“Thank you for coming thru to support The Dyna. I am 100% independent which means that I can’t keep making music and creating content without your support. I aim to inspire people by speaking on taboo topics, challenging the status quo, and helping people heal from past traumas allowing them to free up, dance, and enjoy themselves on a regular basis. If you’d like to help me continue creating, please send a sista a donation. Any amount helps!”

Nuff Love,

Sister Sound System is a compilation album created through an artistic and personal development program for young women of colour in Toronto called EAST Music & Healthy Relationships. The program was led by Dynesti, at an organization called Scarborough Arts. Most of the young women in the program were recording professionally for the first time. Sister Sound System was created to prove that when marginalized sisters are given the support and guidance they need, they can dominate our sound systems and inspire a positive shift of energy in every space they enter.